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Our main goals & interests with our Shelties are to breed our dogs with: -

1.    Good temperaments                              

2.    Good bone structure and correct shape

3.    Coats of correct texture with ample length for the breed

4.    Tails which are long and set correctly

5.    Size as set by the GBKC & IKC

From we began breeding in 1993, all of our litters are tested for CEA / PRA before 12 weeks and most of the puppies have come up unaffected.  We try to use stud dogs who are CEA / PRA Clear and were tested as puppies...We have just tested sixth generation Cinbaramy pups with the entire litter confirmed clear by BVA/ISDS/KC approved vet at 8 weeks.  11 consecutive years clear of CEA & only 2 affected Shelties from 1993.

We try to sell our puppies to homes where they will be loved and cared for for the rest of their lives, even if they do not finish as show dogs.    With bitches and dogs only being bred to those which match their pedigrees.    (PUPPY FARMERS NEED NOT CONTACT US).

(Only once, that we know about, have we sold a puppy which was passed on to someone else without our knowledge, since then we make all prospective purchasers sign a contract so that if they have to part with the puppy or adult it comes back to us).


Other interests: -

Members of several Shetland Sheepdog clubs, general dog clubs, the Irish Kennel Club and The KC.

AJ has judged a number of breeds in Northern Ireland, Scotland and England and is on a couple of club 'B' lists for Shetland Sheepdogs.

I also keep and breed Tropical Fish 




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