Cinbaramy Shetland Sheepdogs


Shelties Remembered...

Sadly, no longer with us, but always in our hearts.

Gone, but never forgotten...




Cinbaramy She's A Lady (Beauty)



Cinbaramy Lady 'N Red...'tis the same bitch, honest!

Abby really shows how most of our Shelties slowly mature over time, pictured here at 1 year, 2 years, 6 years and 11 years of age.

Sadly we lost Abby in 2008 and the house is very quiet without her presence.


Abbeyhome Bold Warrior


Lucky, aka Abbeyhome Bold Warrior was truly a daddy's boy and sired some fantastic pups, both for ourselves and others.  Sadly, we never got to keep a black and white pup from Lucky, but maybe one will appear down the line :-) (1995-2005)

Click here for his Pedigree


Rivvalee Blue Siren


Known as "Tess", she came to us as a six month old puppy from friend's kennel (Ann and George Wyse) in Scotland.  The first photo shows Tess aged 4, but the photo on the right shows her at 2 years old with a very baby Lucky.   These photos really show how the clear blue colour changes in the maturing Sheltie.  Born in 1994, sadly passed away in her sleep in 2005.  Tess gave us several beautiful pups - & I wish all Shelties whelped as easily!  See puppy pics 2. See some of her pups and Beauty's Story; click here for Beauty's pedigree.  By the way it is me in the wheelchair, I have Spinal Muscular Atrophy and am unable to walk.

Click here for her Pedigree




This bitch was out of our first litter with the CINBARAMY affix and is known as "Miss T".  She is a daughter of Flair's by Beckwith Bit of a Shadow, (Shaded Sable), a son of GB. Champion Cultured as Cashella who was a multiple CC winner. (Tricolour).  She got the name of "Miss T" because when she was born  her collar was just like a capital T.  She was the top points winning bitch in Northern Ireland 1994 /1995 and retired from showing shortly after this as she took a dislike to it.  She still enjoyed obedience work, but not the show ring!  (1993 - 2004)

Click here for her pedigree.  


Flair For Gold

"Flair" was AJ's girl and originally registered in her name.  Later AJ asked if we could go into partnership and have an official Kennel Club "CINBARAMY SHETLAND SHEEPDOGS" was born. Flair unfortunately, passed away aged 11 years old (1990 - 2001).  She loved life (especially puppies!) and was an excellent great great grand-mother...our Miss T, Abby, Tawny and Lucy are all descended from Flair.  Her sire was Ir. Ch. Flettswood Sundance at Franwick.

Click here for her pedigree.


Allado Blue Destiny

"Ricky" was our first blue merle dog.  He was a son of "GB. Champion Francehill Tickled Pink" who was exported to Australia.  Despite many repeated attempts on several bitches, we were never able to get a puppy by him - although he always seemed ready, willing & able!

He passed away aged 13 years [RIP ~2000]


Bexley Blue Beauty

Star & Chrissy - Nitelife

Misty - daughter of Shemaur Noel Edmunds


This photograph was taken in the very early 70s and is of my little sister (Sharon) and our Riverhill bitch...

as you can see my sister is just learning to show.






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