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Puppy & Fun Photos

Thumbnailed are bordered in blue.

New additions for 2011 & note who has front seat privileges!!!



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Amy  puppies 1.jpg (18931 bytes) Barry .jpg (56527 bytes) Cindy  Miss T.jpg (74402 bytes)

Cindy & puppies.jpg (85392 bytes) Biz Fizz.jpg (125704 bytes) Feeding time.jpg (87791 bytes)

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Ricky prod.jpg (43415 bytes) We can both laugh.jpg (46139 bytes) Wanda.jpg (40029 bytes)

The first photo on the last row is of Ricky getting ready for the 12th July, a big day in Northern Ireland.  The next is of my now long deceased old girl, "Bexley Blue Beauty" not the best b/m one has ever seen but she was never out of the tickets even at Championship Shows, whose movement was to die for, and brains I wish we all had.  



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