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Beauty's Story...

Beauty is our resident livewire who tries to get into absolutely everything.  We think she is very promising - she took a second at her one and only show, aged 7 months.  Unfortunately, she was not out for a long time as our shows were cancelled / postponed due to the Foot & Mouth Crisis in GB.  More recently, she has taken several honours.  Beauty was mated each season from she was 2 years old, but missed every time.  We were assured by several people (one of whom is a vet!) that she would not produce puppies, but we decided to try one last time with our Tawny...getting four beautiful sable & white puppies :-)  This is not a mating to which we would generally agree, but the pups are all gorgeous, veterinary health check approved with no known problems & all CEA unaffected by a KC / BVA / ISDS approved ophthalmologist at 8 weeks.  Beauty carried her pregnancy well & whelped easily, disproving all advice in true Sheltie fashion.  We're searching for a complementary bicolour, tricolour for her next mating, hopefully late 2005.

We keep a toy box in the living room with most of the dogs' toys, but Beauty's favourite toy is an ice cube ? ? ?   As you can see her favourite place is on top of the bed.     Link to her Pedigree.

Please be patient while this page loads as there are several pictures!

Her Parents

Rivvalee Blue Siren - Tess Pedigree Ch. Semitar Turnabout  - Jasper


Her Litter - Born 3rd June 2000


Just arrived, 1 week & 9 weeks old


Beauty aged 2 weeks, 3 weeks & 4 weeks


Beauty aged 8 weeks & 6 months - she really enjoyed her 1st taste of snow - & I do mean taste!


Typical Beauty, aged almost 9 months - As you can see, her ears have a tendency to droop when she is tired!


Beauty loves training, her favourites including the twist, spin & crawl. 

She still loves her food when all grown up...Eight years old and still not convinced we know how to confirm a food bag is empty!  The last image is of Beauty supervising her daughter's seven pups!






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