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Berry & Carrie's Story...

We couldn't choose between these two litter kept them both

Lucy and Sooty gave us a gorgeous litter of seven little 'uns (details here) and we honestly had trouble choosing the 'pick'.  The pups are now a year old and any one of them could have fun in the show ring.  Even the boy that we thought would be much larger than ideal has finished up 15".  Anyway, back to the hooligans that we kept with of some litter mates are here.

Please be patient while this page loads as there are several pictures!  

   Link to their Pedigree.

All legs and all 'go' at just under four months.  Berry is the tricolour and Carrie the sable girl.

Did I mention we're being careful what we name our next addition to the family?  Berry literally hides (buries) everything she can lay her paws on, while Carrie can usually be found on her 'princess' cushion and much prefers to travel in my arms or on the wheelchair rather than use her own four feet!


True sisters stick together at 15 weeks old:


Practicing for the table at four months...we forgot to change camera settings, but first two are Carrie, third is Berry


We can practice on the floor too...but toys really take up most of our time these days.


We're now actually five months old - do you get the impression that we like puppy tubos? 

Actually, we spend more time in the fields these days...




Berry with her sister Katie (now Amy) who came to visit at five months old...

Carrie with Cindy at six months old


Berry at seven months - is this the naughty chair or just special for me, me , me?


Behind bars until new (baby) visitors get used to our seven month antics.....


Maturing nicely at eight months, although Carrie could do with sunglasses to save her squinting in the light!



By nine months we've both been doing OK, excellent, OK, excellent, OK etc. in the ring.  Carrie refuses to walk in the ring at shows where there is loud barking beside her.  Ludicrous given that she loves people, and is well used to loud noises (not to mention our lot barking) and quite happily trots around like Lady Muck by the ringside...but that's Shelties.



Jumping forward to twelve months old and we're very happy with life. 

Our line takes a loooooong time to mature, but it's looking good so far. 



Here's to an enjoyable 2009!



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Berry & Carrie's Story

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