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Lucy's Story...

Lucy is our current little 'un (2004).  She is from our first litter in over four years - brought us out of puppy withdrawal fairly rapidly!!!   She is very inquisitive and is already proving a quick learner.     Link to her Pedigree.

Please be patient while this page loads as there are several pictures!


Lucy as a newbie and in profile at 2 weeks.


Her eyes opened fairly late so 'trouble' started at 3 weeks and rapidly increased by 4 weeks!  Sooooooo she's in training...


Not much changes by 5 weeks, but we're learning...    


Sitting pretty at 6 weeks; 8 weeks and spoiled rotten :-)


10 weeks.  Am I clever or what?  circle_smiley-023.gif (1790 bytes)  Honest, it's a Sheltie tongue, but awfully tiring work!

Look at me!  I'm getting there - mind you, learning mode only lasts for short spells.


Lucy at four months (playing) and just turned five months old - standing!

Lucy still in training at 6 & 7 months...


& Lucy's a Daddy's girl at 10 months...


To our complete delight, Lucy took Best Puppy and PG4 at her debut show in 2005...

*** Best Puppy and 4th in Pastoral Puppy Group at Sydenham and District ***


Lucy is now all grown up - almost :-).   

Lucy (to the right) and her brother Sandie at eleven months old.


Typical Lucy running full pelt.


She gave us a litter of five lovely puppies in December 2005 and seven in 2007 - more here and here.

And topped off 2008 taking Reserve Best Bitch at Shetland Sheepdog Club of NI club show....

with her daughters taking a few trophies home as well!!!




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