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Drumcauchlie Blackthorn for Cinbaramy

Sooty's Story...

In December 2005 we welcomed the arrival of Sooty with thanks from Susan Sangster.  Our newest black & white pup is absolutely adorable.  So much for staying in the travel box on the boat trip home - he charmed everyone from the ferry staff to the bingo ladies and fans returning from 'the' football match.

Please be patient while this page loads as there are several pictures!     Link to his Pedigree.


Sooty with his sister and brother the day he began his travels through England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.


Just arrived in my new home...watching to see what happens next.


Oh....Christmas.  Like this plan with lots of toys and fun things to do.

OK, now I'm getting the hang of this training lark. 

I'm a smart cookie so obviously time to practice my enjoyment techniques - watch me grow :-)))))









Sooty has given us some lovely pups - see here for more details



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